Lillie Schechter is a political strategist and fundraiser who has been advising local and national Democratic candidates and organizations for nearly a decade. Lillie has worked closely with the Democratic Party to help find, promote and elect the best candidates for Harris County and City of Houston positions, and to grow the Democratic Party’s base in Harris County. This year, Lillie is excited to have the opportunity to bring her passion, dedication, and deep knowledge of the county’s political landscape directly to the Party as the Harris County Democratic Party Chair.

A native Houstonian and 7th generation Texan, Lillie grew up steeped in the Democratic Party. When other kids were attending Little League games and ballet rehearsals, Lillie was campaigning. She fondly remembers her introduction to politics, marching in a parade when she was just a kid, chanting, “vote for Annie, she’s our grannie,” as part of her grandmother’s successful bid for tax assessor-collector of Hood County. Only a few years later, Lillie block-walked, made signs and worked polls to help her mom, Sue, become State Representative, District 134.

When she was in high school at Jones High School, Lillie became even more familiar with the local Party when her mom successfully ran for Party Chair. Lillie spent countless hours at the party office as a teenager, solidifying the foundation of what would become a lifelong career in progressive politics.

After only a short time at Boston University, Lillie dropped out of school but remained in Boston working two minimum wage jobs. It was during this time that Lillie came face-to-face with the vital importance of the issues she had grown up fighting for, like a live-able minimum wage and access to health care and education.

Lillie moved back to Texas and attended Austin Community College, before transferring to the University of Texas where she received a BA in American Studies and a Masters in Public Leadership from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. While there, Lillie taught Sunday School and worked for Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who successfully argued Roe v. Wade at the United States Supreme Court.

After graduation, Lillie came back to Houston and helped her father, Richard, in his successful run for Trustee of Houston Community College. Invigorated by that experience, she realized her true calling was in politics.

In 2009, Lillie launched her own business, Lillie Schechter Consulting, which has grown to encompass all aspects of progressive politics: fundraising, campaign strategy, candidate training, and beyond. Lillie has had the fortune of working with some of the superstars of Texas and national Democratic politics, including Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis, Leticia Van De Putte, and Hillary Clinton.

But Lillie’s real passion has always been a solid blue Harris County. At the local level, Lillie has worked on campaigns touching nearly every aspect of county and city government. She has consulted and volunteered on all sorts of races in Houston, Pasadena and Galena Park: county commissioner, sheriff, city council, constable, school board, judicial, state representative & mayoral.

In 2013, Lillie saw the need for a leadership-training program focused on growing our progressive bench in Harris County. After researching organizations across the country, Lillie and a couple of friends worked tirelessly to bring Texas’s first chapter of the New Leader’s Council (NLC) to Houston. Lillie raised money for the program and helped assemble an advisory board that has become a who’s who of local politics. NLC has thrived ever since, with twenty new progressives entering the program each year.

Lillie is perhaps most proud of the work she did in 2012 and 2016 in Harris County. During these cycles, Lillie was instrumental in organizing a coalition of interest groups, grassroots organizers, local and national donors and candidates to push the County’s largest get-out-the-vote efforts ever. This was the first time such a coordinated field effort had been undertaken in the County, and in 2016 it really paid off: Harris County democratic voters turned out in much larger-than-expected numbers, electing all county-wide Democrats and giving Hillary Clinton the largest victory in Harris County of any Democratic Presidential candidate in recent history.

When she is not fighting for progressive causes and candidates, Lillie can be found strolling the bayou with her dog, Harlie; splashing around a pool with her fiance, Brian and his three kids, Miles, Clara and Ruby; watching cheesy romantic comedies from the nineties; and volunteering her professional skills to raise money for charities.

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Lillie in the News

Democrats kicked Republicans out of Harris County. They’re just getting started.


The Texas Signal

Fernando Ramirez

August 1, 2019

By now, almost everybody knows. Harris County turned solidly blue this past election, ushering in a new wave of diverse and young elected leaders.

Fresh faces with new visions for Harris County are now occupying some its highest elected offices and districts, and for the first time in its history, are actually starting to reflect the multi-racial makeup of the county’s 4.6 million inhabitants. 

Lillie Schechter, the Harris County Democratic chair who helped ensure the blue wave would overtake the Houston area in the 2018 midterms, told The Signal she intends to keep it that way, for good.

“We have to continue building on that momentum, we can’t just say ‘oh it’s a presidential we’re going to do better,’ we have to fight every single day like we’re losing to make sure we win in 2020,” Schechter said.

Read the full article: http://thetexassignal.com/democrats-kicked-republicans-out-of-harris-county-theyre-just-getting-started/

In Texas, 17 new judges bring ‘Black Girl Magic’ to courthouses

The Washington Post

Deanna Paul

Jan 2, 2019

Democratic candidates unseated more than 50 incumbent Republican judges in the largest jurisdiction in Texas during last November’s elections.

On Tuesday, the newly elected judiciary for Harris County was sworn in, including the 17 African American women who were part of the “Black Girl Magic” campaign.


“It’s a brand new day in Harris County!” the local Democratic Party posted Tuesday on social media.

Harris County, which includes Houston, is one of the most diverse counties in the nation, according to Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lillie Schechter.


With a population exceeding 4 million, it is also the third most populous county in the United States.

Schechter called Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony “fitting.”


The county “finally has a judiciary that truly reflects the different faces of the people that come before it,” she said in a statement to The Washington Post.

Read more here: https://www.amren.com/news/2019/01/in-texas-17-new-judges-bring-black-girl-magic-to-courthouses/


"Harris County is the largest county in the state of Texas, and the third largest county in the United States. Any conversation about turning Texas blue needs to start with growing the number of Democratic voters in Harris County. I am committed to making that a reality.

I want to bring a fresh approach to our party, bridging technology and data with the energy and enthusiasm of grass roots activism. My experience will enable me to hit the ground running on Day One and position the Harris County Democratic Party for gains in 2017 and 2018 and beyond.

Once elected, I will put all of my experience to work to run an open and inclusive party that grows our party, delivers wins at the ballot box, and helps lawmakers to pass policies that give every Harris
County resident a fair shot."


Lillie has worked as a fundraising professional for every level of Democratic candidate and many progressive causes and organizations. Her vast experience will allow her to expand the party’s fundraising efforts, allowing the party to hire additional staff and engage in more races up and down the ballot.

Whole county, open party for everybody

Lillie knows that there are Democrats in every corner of Harris County, and she’s committed to bringing the party to them. Lillie will hold events for Democrats to engage and win elections throughout the county, and will make sure that volunteers doing the hard work of organizing in difficult areas have the support and resources they need to be effective. She’ll also provide a Spanish language version of the party’s website to make it more accessible to all Harris County residents.

Harris County 2020 Plan

Lillie knows that Democrats must have a concrete plan of action to get us through the next four years of the Trump administration. If elected, Lillie would only serve two terms, through 2020, to build the party’s base and help turn Texas blue during the next election cycle. Lillie’s 2020 plan starts with engaging in local races as soon as possible and building the Democratic Party bench in our area. In 2017, the party should work to flip local city races in Pasadena, defend Democrats on the HISD Board of Trustees, and recruit quality candidates for 2018. In 2018, the party must work with our allies to win every available countywide seat and compete in local legislative races. In 2019, the party must be ready to reelect Mayor Sylvester Turner, win every at-large city council seat, and challenge other vulnerable Republicans. Finally, the party must be ready to build on these efforts to deliver the most votes possible in 2020, reelect all of our Democratic officials and add to the total statewide margin for Democrats to defeat Donald Trump.

All of this can be done by emphasizing proven campaign techniques like voter registration, mail ballots, voter communication, field work and fundraising. Lillie is the most qualified candidate and is ready to get to work building up our local party.

Work with Allies

Lillie has successfully coordinated Democratic party allies in previous election cycles to ensure we are all working towards the same goal of electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. If elected, Lillie will expand the reach of the party and bring in our allies in labor, women’s rights, and other organizations that share our goals so that we can be the most effective during election season.

Empower Precinct Chairs

Lillie knows that our local precinct chairs are the backbone of our party and the key to winning elections in the future. She will work to empower precinct chairs and give them the resources necessary to communicate with their neighbors. She’ll provide complete transparency so that precinct chairs can see how every dollar of the party is raised and spent, and empower committees to have a meaningful role in the direction of the party.

Full Time, Professional Staff

Lillie has been involved in enough races to know that the right staff can mean the difference between winning and losing an election. As party chair, Lillie will hire full time, professional staff to ensure that party offices are open and accessible during business hours and around the clock during campaign cycles.

No stepping stones

Lillie will not use the party as a personal platform to run for another office. She vows to only serve two terms, and to not run for any other elected office while serving as party chair. She believes that the chair’s efforts must be fully dedicated to electing Democrats and building the party and she will not stray from that mission.


2020 Election

"If we want to turn Texas blue and end the Republican attacks on working families, we need to turn out even more voters here in Harris County. Lillie has worked on campaigns from the courthouse to the state House and all the way to the White House. She knows what it takes to win. She'll build on our local successes by building coalitions with allies, harnessing grassroots activism, and expanding the party's reach. With Lillie as our county party chair, we'll be able to finally slam the door on Republicans and enact real reforms for economic justice.”

Melvin Hughes

President, Houston Organization of Public Employees (HOPE)AFSCME Local 123

"I’ve been so excited to see all the new and interesting ways Lillie is motivating and Lillie has done an exceptional job in turning out the progressive vote for Democratic candidates in Harris County.  She wants to elect candidates who are committed to fair wages, health care access, strong retirement benefits, and collective bargaining rights.   She's been a staunch ally and advocate for labor and women’s issues. She has a proven track record of growing the Democratic party base, keeping Democratic donor dollars local, and moving Texas forward. Turning Harris County Blue would not have been done without true leadership on Lillie's part! 

Ginny Stogner McDavid
President, Harris County Labor Assembly
Legislative Policy Committee, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA  


Lillie has grown our party exponentially! She has my vote.  

Gloria Moreno PCT#0009

Lillie Schechter is a fighter, and she has demonstrated that every day as Harris County Democratic Party Chair. She's spent her entire adult life fighting for causes we hold dear, and she is never afraid to stand up for social justice. As Party Chair, she took the fight to the right wing and the results speak for themselves: a blue wave in Harris County that few people thought possible in a mid-term election. Our county's elected leadership is more diverse than ever before, thanks in good measure to Lillie's organizational prowess. She identified candidates, raised necessary funds, and channeled the energy of the resistance into positive electoral outcomes. I am sure Lillie would love a break, but we can't afford to let her take one. Her leadership is necessary to continue our gains and build on the progress we have made. As the 2020 election approaches, there is no one better prepared to lead our party than my friend Lillie Schechter. I endorse her without hesitation, and I challenge everyone to join me in supporting her candidacy. 

Blake Ellis 

"I’ve been so excited to see all the new and interesting ways Lillie is motivating and galvanizing local Democrats. She’s tireless in her passionate support of getting people involved, and I’m so grateful to have someone with her leadership and vision at the helm of the local party!"

Silky Malik

Precinct 60 Chair

“Lillie Schechter has a good background. Her mother and I were good friends. She’s loyal, she’s truthful and I’m sure she’ll ramp up participation in preparation for the 2020 election. She will always be participating in democratic politics either financially or by being present.”



Willie Belle Boone

Southeast Precinct Judges Council

"100 years ago this month Congress passed the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.  The leaders of this movement had future generations in mind with the hope of carrying out their vision.  I support Lillie because she embodies that vision and is doing a great job as head of the Harris County Democratic Party."


Charlene Paige Vincent

Precinct 898 Chair

My choice for Chair has been Lillie Schechter, a proven fundraiser who taps into the newly-energized millennial and youth vote, and has the work ethic and vision to get the job done. Now she has a track record as a winner, too.”

Melissa Noriega

"Lillie is doing an excellent job here at HCDP!!!! She has my vote."

Lasheia Wilson

"Lillie has the vision and guts to do the difficult but much needed things for the party.  Love working with her because she does not micromanage.  She is results oriented and the 2018 election results are proof of her abilities."



Rufi Natarajan

Precinct 70 Chair

"Through her internship program, Lillie has managed to energize the youth of our city by getting them involved in municipal government and political activism. Her accomplishments have made Houston the epicenter  of the 2020 tsunami that will take Texas."

Alexander Bernal

Precinct 226 Chair


"Lillie has brought amazing, positive change to the party. I support her because during her term she has created great opportunities for youth and students, from the revamped Leadership Academy and creation of the Fellowship program. She is training the future of the party!"

Kate Dentler

 Precinct 389 Chair


"HCDP is in much better shape than when Ms. Schechter took over.  We have flipped CD7 and nearly elected Beto.  I wish her continued success."

Abdi Shirazi

 Precinct 440 Chair


“Lillie took an energized base and turned it into an effective campaign. The Mid-term results don’t lie. HCDP is in incredible hands and she deserves so much credit. I’m happy to support her for another term as HCDP Chair.”

Adrian Ozuna

Precinct 296 Chair

2018 Election

“I’ve watched Lillie work tirelessly to defeat the right-wing Republicans in Harris County who put special interests ahead of working people. Lillie and I have successfully coordinated multiple campaigns throughout Harris County and elected dozens of candidates that have pledged to giving every Harris County resident a fair shot.  Her skill at winning elections is unmatched, and her commitment to labor and working families is unwavering.”

Claude Cummings

Vice President, Communication Workers of America

(CWA), District 6

“Lillie was raised in Houston and educated in HISD public schools. She knows the importance of our public education system and the women and men that help deliver an education to our children. She's helped elect staunch education allies to the HISD Board of Trustees and the State House and Senate. As Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party, she'll build an open and inclusive local party that values working families and public education."

Zeph Capo

President, Houston Federation of Teachers (HFT), Local 2415President, Gulf Coast AFL-CIO

"I have worked closely with Lillie in campaigns, fundraising, civic engagement and non-profit work. She has the intellect, drive and political savvy to get the job done, no matter how large or small. She always puts our progressive values first in every aspect of life and work. She is ready to lead our Harris County Party and will be a champion for all."

Senator Sylvia Garcia

“Lillie started volunteering to elect progressive Democrats when she was just a kid. She's spent her entire life fighting for workers’ rights, civil rights, and women's rights. No other candidate has her experience, skill set, and proven track record. She'll be able to hit the ground running and lead the Harris County Democratic Party to victory."

Clara Caldwell Precinct 392 Chair

"Lillie has a proven track record in turning out the progressive vote for Democratic candidates in Harris County.  She wants to elect candidates who are committed to fair wages, health care access, strong retirement benefits, and collective bargaining rights.   She's been a staunch ally and advocate for labor and women’s issues. On day one she’ll be ready to get to work, grow the Democratic party base, keep Democratic donor dollars local, and move Texas forward."

Ginny Stogner McDavid

President, Harris County Labor Assembly; ChairGovt. Affairs Committee

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Local 64

"Lillie Schecter has the conviction, strength, and leadership skills to empower the Harris County Democratic Party. She is a coalition builder who fervently believes in our diverse community.  Let's support Lillie, so she can bring her amazing passion and skills to develop and support the success of our local Democratic Party."

Juliet Stipeche

"Lillie Schechter is a proven fundraiser who taps into the newly-energized millennial and youth vote, and has the work ethic and vision to get the job done."

Honorable Melissa Noriega


Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia

Senator John Whitmire

Senator Borris Miles

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HISD Board Member Anne Sung
Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker

Honorable Melissa Noriega


Harris County AFL-CIO

Houston GLBT Political Caucus

CWA Local 6222

Plumbers Local  68

Houston Federation of Teachers


Senator Sylvia Garcia

Commissioner Rodney Ellis

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State Representative Alma Allen

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